Tommy Hyving is a Norwegian actor with a positive mindset humble values and a respectful attitude towards his surroundings. Tommy handles his acting, as any commitment, with loads of respect, allways prepared, rested, energized and positive on set. Tommy will always try to utilize and incorporate his own experience and has developed a skill sett/traits which makes him very attractive for certain types of roles, which you can see presented below. 

Tommy has contributed in several Norwegian, Scandinavian and international productions in years and is, amongst others, known from Paul Greengrass "22 July" Netflix, Richard Holm, "Maskineriet", Viaplay eg.. 

T O M M Y  H Y V I N G



Photographer Miguel Santos, Pro-snaps Stream (Mèxico)


Tommy Hyving


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' Tommy Hyving was notice when I watch the Norwegian award winning film under the Norwegian International Seagull festival in Haugesund. Tommy`s best actor talent is the way he puts himself in the story, and are always 100% prepared for shooting. He asks if he is wondering and he comes with input for his character when wanted.  He is in great shape and have a Good Look. He is a person who always helps on sett but the best part is that he is a fantastic actor with alot of experience in the film industry."

Director Manuel Film Production