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Norwegian actor, 5.11” (181cm) with acting experience since 1989 for NRK,  based in OSLO and part of Diamanda management. (Agent) Tommy Hyving is an actor with long experience in Norwegian productions, but has also worked internationally, Scandinavia and South Africa 

His latest roles he has been working on is the TV serie Maskineriet (2019) for Viaplay, with director Richard Holm and Anagram Sverige production. (Sweden)

Tommy had also the role as Prime ministers Bodyguard on Director Paul Greengrass Netflix film 22th July. 

Tommy's strengths as an actor is that he is assured, good in analysing, interpreting script and adapting grade in a professional manner with good preparation to convey the character and role in the best possible and credible way to the audience. 
Leena Stenberg (agent)

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Located: Oslo, Norway

Gender: Male

Performing age: 30-50

Height: 181cm (5" 11 1/2)

Eyes: Blue/Green

Language: Norwegian
Shoes: 44 (EU)

Chest: 112cm

Weight: 87kg

Waist:   94cm

Hips:     96cm

Work:   Global

Skills: Fluent in norwegian, conversational in swedish and english.

Character skills: Soldier, Police, Gangster, Drughead, Businessman, Officer

Fitness/Gym, Boxing/Fighting, Stunts, Stage Combat, soccer, Mix sport,  Travel.

EU Agent: LEENA STENBERG Diamanda Management +47 996 74 411


'Acting is not about being famous, It`s about exploring the human soul"




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Majorstua I Oslo I Norway

+47 41420708